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This is me, Susanne Tailleur. I started the Senshake business back in 2009, while still in school. I couldn’t wait for printing (and designing!) my first business cards and just give it a go. 

I’ve been very lucky to move from project to project surrounded by very talented people and working for amazing brands.

My main focus in work is creating an impactful visual story. In presentation design, branding and in interior.

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Give your story more impact with a good set of high level designed slides. You’re brand guide or logo is a good starting point for us to build your visual story. With the use of illustrations, icons, infographics, animations and great photography we’ll help to make your story come alive. While understanding that content is always key.


Create more impact with good visuals that support your brand identity. Anything that needs to get printed or published. From identities and stationairies to social campaigns. We love to spice it up.


With a background in graphic design, my love for shapes and colors has no limits in designing an interior. Adding elements as textures, fabrics and lightning really completes a design. We’d love to find a fitting plan for your interior. Because, your home reflects your identity.


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